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About the brand...

Tommy Davidson is a Veteran in the Entertainment Industry, sustaining a 30 year career in film, television, and stand up comedy. He was one of the original cast members of the hit show "In Living Color," and went on to do movies such as  "Booty Call" with Jamie Foxx, "Strictly Business" with Halle Berry, and "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" with Jim Carrey, to name a few. As a stand-up comedian, Tommy has been touring the country, as well as doing comedy overseas for American troops for decades, spreading laugher around the globe. 


Tommy, along with his wife Amanda, sought a need to create fun, yet classic, men's accessories, at a price affordable to all.

Tongue in Cheek  was born in 2015, after Amanda designed the logo backstage during one of Tommy's Stand-up comedy shows, with Tommy, of course, being the inspiration for the brand. Together with Tommy's decades of red carpet experience, they created a line of men's ties, pocket squares, and flower lapels, with their tagline being  "Sharp with the Tongue, and Slick with the Tie."


Next step for Tongue in Cheek is their charity, "The Ties that Bind." Tommy and Amanda will provide Ties to men in recovery homes, rehabilitation facities and half-way houses; aiding them to "look the part" during their job search. In addition, a mentorship program for young men, striving to achieve "Professionalism" within their lives. Reinforcing that a "Tie" can be symbolic for connecting men and betterment within the community. Ultimately the greatest gift we can give each others, comes from the heart. 

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